fish camp

6131 Lancaster, Highway
Fort Lawn, SC 29714
803 872-4477

In 1951 Pleasant Baker, and his partner Jim, opened the Catawba Fish Camp.  The original restaurant seated approximately 100 people.  For the next 10-15 years, the menu only had five items, perch, catfish, fantail shrimp, whole flounder, and chicken.  Perch was $1.00 for “all you can eat”, catfish was $1.25 and Included slaw, hush puppies, and French fries.  The entire staff was male until the early 1960’s.

In 1968, Robert H Edwards (Bobby) purchased the business from his Uncle Pleasant.  The business grew and the menu expanded.  In 1975 the building burned and everything was a total loss.  Because of the buildings age and remote location, it was not insured.

With the help of a local bank and a great contractor the new building was completed and opened in March 1976.  (This was when banks would accept reputation and work ethic as collateral.)

The restaurant has continued to grow and can now seat over 550 people.  We are open Wednesday through Saturday.  Many of the menu items are all you can eat for one price.  Although the line may appear long, it moves really fast.

 In 2000 we were excited to welcome George W Bush and 700 local supporters to our restaurant.  All the major networks and news magazines were there.  Can you guess the most common question asked of us?  “What is a fish camp?”  That’s ok, these are the same nice folks that will order one grit.